Unlock Account

Having your casino account locked, knowingly or unknowingly, can be one of the most traumatizing situations. To be a responsible gambler, you need to monitor your winnings, previously played games, and any other information related to your experience on a gambling site. Fortunately, will give you the key to help you get back in action. But first, you need to understand why your account is locked at that moment.

Why Use An Online Casino?

Digital gambling migration has facilitated an easier access to casinos without making visits to their physical addresses. For this reason, you need to set up an account and log into whenever you please. This allows you to monitor any winnings or payouts you are likely to get. is fully licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission that allows to players to enjoy a secure and safe place to place bets and play for fun. For you to be locked out, it means there are certain things interfering with your account thus causing its sudden closure. For a moment, you might find the security measures annoying, but they are there to prevent your account from getting hacked.

Why your account might get locked

Wrong Password

Several reasons can cause temporary or permanent account closure depending on the magnitude of the problem at hand. For instance, someone may try to log into your account unsuccessfully. Obviously, the hacker has a hard time discovering the right password to access your account. The site has put measures in place to curb such menaces.

Hate Speech

In other instances, social media platforms and live chat forums could be the cause for your account closure. During the interactions, you may say something to hurt others. For this reason, you will be removed from the group and your account will be locked.

Failing to Comply with the Terms and Conditions

Before signing up, you will be required to read the terms and conditions for use. Failure to comply will cause an automatic account closure.

Unlocking your account

No matter the reason for account closure, you should consider contacting the customer support to seek clarification on the cause. Depending on the current reason, you will be advised on what to do. In some extreme cases, there is really nothing you can do. You will have to be patient until the problem is solved before you can get it back.

If you get a notification on a recent hacking activity, you are advised to change your login details to prevent multiple attempts or having random people access your account. The only challenge is that you will lose some valid information such as cash. In that case, the team will help you retrieve and cash out any winnings you might have had in your previous account. Alternatively, you can create a new account, but be ready to lose all the information stored in your previous account.

Safe and Secure knows the value of a satisfied client. Consequently, it has established measures to ensure third party doesn’t access any personal information. You are only required to adhere to all the guidelines before signing up.