Close Account

There comes a point where you, as a player, want to close your account for reasons best known to you. It could be, you want to set up new one after the previous one was hacked or had problems. Like other casinos, only allows one account per customer. Under no circumstance should you register your account twice. If this happens, the casino’s security detail will detect and disqualify the new account with immediate effect. So, how do you close your account?

By the time you are thinking of closing an account, you must have opened one. Anytime you click the ‘play for real money’ option and select the ‘create account’, you will get a simple web form. Fill the require field with correct details for security purposes. Next, read and understand the terms and conditions by clicking on the ‘Agree’ option. This means you have accepted the outcome of any results you may encounter during gameplay or payouts. Then you can start playing any of the 300+ games offered by the casino.

To close your account, you need to revise the terms and conditions to see whether they apply.

Contact Customer Care

If you plan on closing your account in the near future, you won’t have the chance to open a new one immediately. The company’s software system needs enough time to evaluate the causes leading to account closure to warrant the new one. However, you can still contact the customer service department to provide further guidance.

The Terms and Conditions

Are you playing at the casino for the thrill or real money? It doesn’t matter. You are bound by the terms and conditions related to For starters, it many option for account closure if you feel the need to break from gambling. You are allowed to stay away from the casino’s gambling activities for a minimum of six months to a maximum of five years, or permanently.

By clicking on ‘self-exclude’ it means you have made a temporary or permanent decision to avoid any gambling activities within the site. Expect an email from the support team after 48 hours to confirm whether your account has been deactivated and the length of time as well. During this time, you will be unable to control any activities pertaining to your account apart from the remaining balance.

The casino’s self-exclusion facility now covers mansion affiliated brands. If you exclude yourself from either the brands, it will devise a time-frame across the brands. Just in case you have had an account closed and it may contain a balance, seek services from the relevant customer care team.

Once the self-exclusion period is over, you will need to contact the customer care team directly. You have the option of informing them on your true intention for wanting to have your account reactivated. Thereafter, you will receive an email after 24 hours confirming its reactivation.

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot get registered at the casino. Failure to comply with this condition, will result in immediate termination of your account.